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Nokia Lumia 530 Buyers Review

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phone1For just Ksh 11,000, the recently launched Nokia Lumia 530 bundled together with Coloud Bang speaker is good deal for anyone looking for an entry level smartphone and looking to joining the Windows Phone community.


The Lumia 530 comes in bright orange, bright green, dark grey and white colours and users can pick whichever colour that suits them. The colours are excellent and the phone pretty fits its price as well just like its predecessor which we think is a bit similar as both Lumia 530 and Lumia 520 come in bright colours, have light plastic casing, spot 5MP camera and have 4-inch displays.

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Like most Lumia’s, the phone comes with a logo on the back cover and is small enought to fit in your hands and pocket. It has a camera at the top back and a speaker hole for clear voice calls at the top bottom. The phone weighs around 130 grams and is light enough to carry around.

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phone4On it’s left edge, the Lumia has a headphone jack at the top and a micro USB port at the bottom while the right has volume button at the top and a power button down. To insert your microSIM and memory card, you will have to jack of the back cover carefully and then remove the battery before you insert them. The screen’s resolution is not so impressive and the 520 one looks better when compared. Though it’s a budget phone, the resolution makes it look completely washed out.


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The Lumia 530 runs on  Windows Phone 8.1. and has a Nokia Store which you have to log in using your Microsoft account. To someone who is moving from iOS or Android, you might need to set up a Microsoft account quickly, and it takes just a few minutes to.
Then you’ll download the apps and set up your Skype and lay those beautiful tiles and start swiping right to left to access your downloaded apps and fix dates and add other acounts or apps you might need. With a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor, the phone would do better with bigger RAM than its 512MB but it still works better on most tasks without hanging or crashing but slows down on heavy application use especially if your are into games. On full charge and average use, the phone’s battery can do up to 8 hours which is pretty good for its audience.

IMG_20141025_122838With a 5MP back camera minus a flash, the phone is not good for photos and videos but it take them anyway but we think it needs you to be so patient as its slow.

Though you might not need it, the MixRadio gives you unlimited, commercial-free streaming music while the phone also comes with apps such as Shazam and games to help you get more fun. If you like radio, there’s an FM band for that and of course the coloud speakers if you buy it.

Our take

At Ksh 11,000, the phone is affordable and apart from its weak resolution, it would become so popular and would dent its Android competitors of the same class. However, in this selfie generation, Microsoft ought o thave given it a front camera or atleast a flash on its back camera.

The 15GB of free storage is pretty good and Microsoft’s ecosystem is also becoming intersting especially for work and collaboration with access to Office documents on the go, OneNote and free cloud storage in OneDrive.

IMG_20141025_123008Key Specs
Processor- CPU name: Snapdragon™ 200 with  four cores-Quad core
Display 4 ” LCD display with a resolution 854 x 480.
Memory-4 GB internal memory plus an expandable memory card size of up to 128 GB
Free cloud storage: 15 GB
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