Oro.com.ng Launches to Help Grow Spoken Word in Nigeria


OroPoetryWebsiteSpoken word in Nigeria is on the rise and this can be bolstered by the emergence of a new spoken word website, www.oro.com.ng, which has the primary objectives of promoting spoken word artists and poets in Nigeria through creating a platform for poets and spoken word artists to post their audio tracks, as well as interact with other creatives.

To launch the website, oro.com.ng will be holding a poetry competition which will open on November 14th and close December 14th. Contestants stand the chance to win N50,000 and a free studio recording. The winner will be announced on Christmas day.

According to Elizabeth Ayoola, Website and Project Manager, “Oro, which means ‘Words’ in the Yoruba language, creates a platform for spoken word artists and poets, especially those of Nigerian descent, to meet. It is a community where creative people can interact, listen to one another’s work, and support one another’s creative master pieces.

Oro was birthed from the desire to see spoken word permeate through all art forms and penetrate the lives of all people. It is not just about poetry and spoken word, it is about creative power of words and how they are used to impact the creative arts and greater society. We believe that just as there is music for everyone, there is poetry/spoken word that can appeal to everyone.”

To enter the competition, contestants are to send a poem in the form of audio, or video which identifies a social issue in Nigeria and how they feel it can be resolved. Entries should be sent to [email protected].

On oro.com.ng, viewers can listen to, download and also upload their spoken word tracks, download poetry albums, watch spoken word videos, read and watch interviews with artists, and be up to date with new material and events taking place in the spoken word sphere.