TECHNO To Unveil A $30 Smartphone In 2015




TECHNO Mobile will also be ushering in a new smartphone next year and will cost less than $30.

This was said by the Vice President of the South African Mobile Company, Arif Choudhary. He said that the plan was part of the company’s strategy to provide low-cost data phone in order to encourage the uptake of smartphone. He howverver did not give a date as to when the phone will be launched.

Choudhary said: “Since TECNO is focusing on Africa, we have tried to bring our low cost, affordable data phone to the market. Every month in Nigeria we can shift 1.3 million to 1.5 million devices. If you look at the holistic picture it starts from the cost.”

He however added that TECNO was not totally focused on smartphones, but with feature phone still forming a sizeable part of its product offering.

“For the feature phones we try to bring a smartphone feeling, but at an affordable price,” he said. “It’s a feature phone, with a feature phone price. But it’s coming with a lot of smartphone content. That makes the consumers enjoy a smartphone feeling on our feature phone.”