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Nokia Refuses to Die | Set to Launch New Device Today

by Sam Wakoba
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B2pgXV7CUAABW3A.jpg largeAs Microsoft drops Nokia brand name from all its Lumia range of smartphones, the firm has announced it will today launch a device to the suprise of many.

The image released by the firm through a tweet is a mysterious black box which many say the firm might be launching a TV streaming service as its deal with Microsoft does not allow it to manufacture smartphones for another year. The



Nokia sold its devices and services business to Microsoft in a $7.2 billion deal but its allowed to run any hardware business. Nokia is also said to be looking for 3rd party manufacturers to put its Logo on their products. More on this later today.

According to the tweets however, its something totally new and the company is calling it a fresh start. We will be glad to know what the company launches at Slush conference today.


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