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CEO Weekends: Keeping off fraudstars in online shopping this season

by Caroline Vutagwa
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It is now come a time where Christmas carols will be heard from everything that has sound in it, from the TV, to radio, advertisements; it’s all in the jingling of the bell. Festivities have just began and the mood has changed from busy offices to empty desks and of course long queues in shopping malls and supermarket because it’s all about Christmas.

Shopping, shopping and more shopping even online; speaking about online, it is the in thing and being a season for shopping many people might fall into frauds stars trap and lose their money. Now with help from ventureburn here are some tips to follow when considering the option of online shopping.

  • Know what happens in online shopping. Look at the payment options they are given. If there is something you are not sure of, please do not risk, most reputable stores will advise customers pretty well on how to go about the payment process.
  • Always, (I repeat, always) check the URL. If logging into through a link sent in an email and the URL says anything other than http:// followed by the name of the site, then that site is most likely a fake and it is recorded by someone else.
  • Consider installing security software on you devices. This will block suspicious websites, emails and downloads.
  • Be sure… ask around. If no one knows about the organization or the website then chances are it is not legit.
  • Check out the payment solutions you are being asked to use… is it viable?
  • Do not follow or click on link sent through email
  • Use complex passwords on all devices and for all online accounts… do not use birthdays, anniversaries, you loved one’s name or an address. That’s too obvious.
  • Keep a record of you financial statement more often, check on your transactions
  • Finally… no one is your family so don’t dish out your account details over the phone

If all this is close to impossible, to be safe, just stick to the normal way of shopping; besides, its holiday season there is no hurry. Have a splendid shopping experience online and happy holidays from TechMoran.

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