CEO Weekends: South Africa’s Thumbtom Pays Users To View An Ad




Ever thought of making money through viewing an advertisement? Well, South Africa’s Thumbtom Android App is paying its users for viewing an Ad.  This is how.

The user accumulates a currency called ‘Tom’ each time they swipe their lock screen to earn rewards, while the advertisers are guaranteed that their target market is interacting with their Ad and possibly giving them priceless insider information.

“For the advertisers in the market, Thumbtom provides a new and unique platform and the opportunity to be the first adapters and innovators to smartphone users,” said Grant Reynolds, MD, Thumbtom.

This App offers the first full screen Ad display that will change the face of advertising. When idle each smartphone transform to become a mobile billboard. Unlike other web-based approaches, advertisers are guarantees an audience as the advertisement appears on the lock screen before to the user unlocking their phone.

Once the phone is in use, the consumer can swipe to explore the advertisement on display, swipe to; invite friends, share promotions, tell the app more about themselves or answer polls and surveys.

The other thing that Thumbtom will be effective in is research function to question their consumers. Example; ‘swipe left if you want A, or right if you want B.’The swipe function allows up to 10 different marketing actions including ‘swipe to get directions’; ‘swipe to dial’; and ‘swipe to buy’. This takes consumers straight from the initial billboard ad to the desired page where sales can be made. No ‘lost’ consumers, no revisiting necessary.