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Kilimall introduces flash sales in Kenya

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Kilimall has launched “Flash Sales” a special-time offer which allows shoppers to buy stuff at extremely reduced prices in a move to encourage online commerce. The firm says it will activate the promo at exactly 10 AM and 10PM every day to reward its customers.

“Flash Sale model is more like game, where customers get to interact with the fellow online buyers,” Kilimall’s Marketing Director, Kariuki Maina, said.  “Flash sale event takes place every day at 10am and 4pm lasting for 20 minutes for each product. Interesting thing is that the tag price will have a downward spike. ” Kariuki explained further.

According to the company’s Operations Director, Qui Wen, the model is intended to fulfil the ecommerce ideal object making online shopping cost effective to its customers. “Kilimall is committed to transform Kenya’s ecommerce by providing quality and cost effective products. Since Kenya has embraced technology, we intent to open more time-saving and convenient ideas hence encourage more people to opt for online shopping” He said

Competing sites such as Jumia, Kaymu, Sumi among others, Kilimall offers all merchants free space to open an online shop and offers wide variety of products from variety of merchants both in the country and from different parts of the world.

Kilimall’s vision is to empower 40 million Kenyans with high quality and affordable products and services, support 100 thousand businesses through their infrastructure and to create half a million jobs through their operational systems.

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