Nigeria’s TransitKonect App Goes Live to take on Uber & Easy Taxi


taxiThough Nigeria has Uber, Easy Taxi, TaxiPixi among others, a new taxi hailing app has launched to revolutionize the country’s taxi booking industry.

According to Adedayo Charis, CEO of TransitKonect, the app is “a solution that has been developed to support the growth of the modern transportation system. We are looking beyond the instant taxi booking service to helping in the infrastructural growth of the state, and changing the lives of taxi drivers for the better through the introduction of this technology.”

Charis says TransitKonect will help taxi save time instead of waiting for passengers. The firm says it will also give its drivers BYB tablets and holders to attach to their dashboards to help them receive booking requests and as well display indoor banners to help drivers make more money even when there are no passengers.

Though Uber an Easy Taxi have no association with local taxi drivers union’s TransitKonect has got the support of Mr Omolekan Taiwo, General Secretary of the Lagos State Taxi Drivers and Cab Operators Association (LSTDCA) who might help them push further into the country. TransitKonect says the deal with LSTDCA has given it access to a fleet of over 7,000 taxi cabs operating in Lagos state.

TransitKonect has already signed up Lavish Drinks & Wine, Taste of Ijebu; for indoor advertisement services, Adran International and Casuaurina; for taxi security services, HealthCare International; for taxi first-aid services, Nigezie; official media partners, Etisalat Nigeria; for mobile internet data services, Yookos; social media partners, and many others who will contribute the overall success of the service.

TransitKonect might succeed or fail depending on how tough their customer acquisition and marketing strategies will be.