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New generators to help curb Ebola spread

by Stella Kabura
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About a century ago, our grannies would dip silver pennies in gallons of milk for preservation purposes. Today, health practitioners are turning back suggesting that particles of silver not only have the ability to kill bacteria and viruses in milk, but to treat or prevent deadly diseases like Ebola through the use of silver generators.

While Natural Health News notes that the US National Solutions Foundation is calling on 10 million individuals to inform government representatives to conduct Ebola clinical trials using nanosilver in Africa, many health practitioners suggest that it is even possible to make and use generators that can create tiny particles of silver using a container and electronic components.

In the past two years, the worst outbreak of Ebola has claimed more than 7,000 lives, leaving 18,000 infected patients and 30,000 orphans in Western Africa. Health organizations have desperately sought for measures on curbing Ebola spread. The World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for instance are giving a go-ahead on experimental therapies for Ebola as no known cure is in sight. Yet, the suggested nanosilver generators can be easily built at home.

Previously, particles of silver have been known to lengthen the shelf life of beverages such as milk. More so, researcher Karl Wilhelm in the 19th century discovered that low concentrations of silver ions had an effect on living cells, algae, molds, spores, fungi, viruses, and other one-celled organisms. Later on researchers discovered that tiny particles of silver had the potential to treat diseases like cancers and began developing silver generators.

And in the midst of the Ebola outbreak, health practitioners suggest that using nanosilver taken orally in the form of colloidal silver has the potential to treat the disease. Tess Pennington founder of Ready Nutrition notes that PubMed published a study stating that the ions of silver formed through nanosilver generators have an effect on Cathespin B, a type of enzyme that breaks down proteins of which, is an essential ingredient for Ebola virus.

In terms of how the silver generators work, three to four 9-volt batteries are connected in series. The positive and negative poles of the outer batteries are connected to 99.99% silver electrodes immersed in water. Within 45 minutes bubbles begin to appear on the positively charged silver electrode as the water changes colour. Once the water gets a yellow tint, it is ready for use as colloidal silver.

However, various organisations have termed the use of colloidal silver as a preventative measure for serious diseases like Ebola a scam. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved alternative treatments or vaccines are available for Ebola. Thus, using nanosilver as a treatment for Ebola has not yet been officially approved.

But for those who are curious to build their own nanosilver generators, click here for detailed instructions.

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