Nigeria’s wants to be world’s first fundraising platform exclusively powered by brands


brandfundrSome awesome friends based in Lagos Nigeria are building,, what they call the “world’s first fundraising platform exclusively powered by brands.

The fundraising platform aims to help users to raise funds for community and social projects from brands and businesses of all sizes.

So say you an idea and want help to build something awesome out of it. This guys put your idea or initiative in front of local and international brands from all sectors so that they can provide you with support and sponsorship. It sounds like AddisIdeas, a similar project we covered the other day.
Users sign up and list their ideas then interested brands visit the site and then broswse through thousands of ideas listed and if they love yours they support it. Brands can also discover and support corporate social responsibility programmes making them even much more social and impactful for brands.

One thing, the brands will be funding a project proposed by an individual or community. Two is the brand will be going out to interact with the community thereby connecting their products to even more users or customer feedback.

Brandfundr can also help event organizers find sponsors for their events among other things. Here is to innovation!