Nigeria’s wants you to travel like a genius


You might be wondering who are this guys but you’ll have to wait, yes for a few more days. Just so you know, Ogadriva is a City to City Carsharing transport network & pickup system designed for drivers and passengers in Africa and this Ogadriva will pick you up from your house to your destination.

Now doing a pilot in Europe, is designed for Africa as Africans take a huge burden each year to carry their load to the roadside to wait for a bus or taxi to pick them up the bus park to pick an intercity Car/Bus to wherever they are going.

This guys at Ogadriva want to remove the cab or taxi and build a new type of Infrastructure where the intercity Car/Bus driver pickups you up from home to your destination. Say an Uber but for long distance.

“Imagine an intercity Car/Bus becoming your wake up alarm and a pick up to your destination without stress. Imagine a Hassle Free transit system that connect all African intercity transport together making it possible to travel around Africa on road,” the team says.  “Imagine travelling like a genius by seeing ahead of time which restaurant & hotel are on your way to stop by and get delicious meal to make your journey lovely and tummies full.”

For security, Ogadriva says it verifies all drivers and passengers and stores the driver history for passengers before they enter into any vehicle.

With the advent of Uber , Easy Taxi , TaxiPixy among others. It might not be easy for Ogadriva to penetrate the market in Africa let alone Nigeria.