Safaricom launches a Ksh 20m data centre in Eldoret to boost network quality

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Safaricom has launched a KES 20 million data Centre in Eldoret to up its network quality, improve efficiency of data center organization, installation and maintenance of network equipment in the North Rift region.

Dubebd as the MGW site, the Kapsoya-based facility is part of Safaricom’s ambitious network expansion plan to boost service delivery and is the 12th key data hub run by the telco which has over 21 Million subscribers on its network.

In a statement to TechMoran, Safaricom’s Director of Technology Thiboud Rerolle said,“This is an important milestone for Safaricom’s network expansion plan, especially in this region. The construction of this facility has been driven by the demand from our customers for data services. This site is well equipped and has been designed in a way that will enable any future expansions that we may need to do.”

Rerolle said the center will help improve data speeds and address network failure challenges and this is part of the plan to make Safaricom the go-to network for all Kenyans. It will also house equipment for the increasing expanding Safaricom enterprise customer base in the region and will also improve the quality of service and help reduce network outages.

Last year launched the 4G network in Nairobi and is set to expand it across the country.