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Dobox now on Etisalat Nigeria

by Susan Mwenesi
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dobox After MTN subscribers, Etisalat Nigeria subscribers are the latest to be able to rent movies and pay with airtime among other services Dobox is now on the Etisalat network and could be seen on their website. “Get access thousands on music videos, trailers, and TV shows on, straight onto your phone or tablet. Etisalat is partnering with to give you access to a vast library of music videos, TV shows and short films. What’s more, the videos are downloadable; yours to keep and enjoy over and over again,” read the Dobox message on the Etisalat website. While the subscribers will attaract airtime charge, no data charges will be required thus enabling them to download music videos, movie trailers, short Films and documentaries, TV series as well. Last year, Etisalat intimated that a strategic partnerships with Do Media was in the offing but no details were given. According to Tech Cabal there was a soft launch in January with an Etisalat representatives saying: “We began the Etisalat Dobox collaboration with a soft launch in January. Communication was principally to existing customers on the network. The partnership is non-exclusive, and we hope to have a long term relationship with Do Media as a provider of content.” According to a Dobox representative, “Our license to MTN Dobox has not elapsed. We have successfully integrated with MTN, Etisalat and Airtel (non exclusively).”

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