Airtel Kenya, Medanta Africare in new mHealth partnership


Airtel customers will now be able to access quality health advice from doctors through their mobile phones after Airtel Kenya  joined hands with Medanta Africare to launch a new mHealth service.

The service will enable Airtel subscribers consult with doctors from Medanta Africare and access relevant health care advice by calling 1525 at normal calling rates from their mobile phones. This service will be available daily from 8am to 8pm.

The mHealth services which will be piloted in Nairobi will also allow all Airtel customers to access health services at home at pre-defined rates and get second opinion on  diagnosis from specialists in Medanta India through Medanta’ s Telemedicine Centre in Nairobi.

Airtel premier customers will also be eligible to a host of discounts with this new initiative.

In a statement, Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said; “In today’s fast-paced world, people are health conscience and are always looking for solutions that offer convenience.  Mobile technology remains the most powerful communications platforms. This therefore presents an opportunity for us to offer a service that gives our customers the freedom to access healthcare services from the convenience of their phones wherever they are, giving them more peace of mind knowing that  they are now able to reach quality and affordable medical care”.

In order to ensure that the service delivers accurate medical diagnosis, Medanta Africare has stationed well trained staff members who will be attending to customer calls and recommend solutions to respective doctors in the hospital for relevant action to be taken. Additionally, all medical consultants will be supported by a world-class technology solution that will help them examine customers’ medical cases in the most effective manner.


Medanta Africare President & CEO Anil K. Maini said, “This is an innovative and a first of its kind service in Kenya, to a large section of Kenya’s population, wherein they will be able to access healthcare information on their handsets & also avail home healthcare services provided by Medanta Africare, in the comfort of their homes”.