Oklaskills.com Wants to be the ‘Google’ for Jobs in Kenya


Dream Job - Freeway Exit Sign

Oklaskills, wants to be the largest job search engine in Kenya and has launched its job search engine with a simple to use interface.

Oklaskills crawls the web and gets leading job boards and recruiting agencies for jobs listed and indexes them to a central database for its users.

Speaking to TechMoran Regards,  Robert Mutinda, MD Appframe Developers, the firm behind Oklaskills, “Using our smart crawling agents within a cluster of networked computers we are able to extract job titles and job descriptions based on relevance from the leading job websites and our users can query our engine using keywords eg nursing,engineering,drivers etc.”

With over 500 000 + jobs from various job websites in Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt. Oklaskills says it growing to become the largest such platform in Kenya, where it has over 100 000 from top job boards such as BrighterMonday, Careerpoint among others.

The site aims ot make some cash from advertising revenue and from share of data with intrested parties.

Though there are hundreds of job search engines on the continent, Mutinda says he was frustrated when he tried to  search for jobs online. He therefore decided to venture into the job market on his own.  Oklaskills.com is just one of the products, Mutinda is working on. The firm is also building mkopo-online.com an online loan acquisition platform, romance-hub.com an online social dating website and severalothers.