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5 Apps Every Woman Should Download

Phones aren’t just for calling and receiving anymore, technology has grown way beyond that so as to assist us in our daily lives. And us women, we need all the help we can get. Unless you have enough money to hire a personal assistant, our phones are probably our next best bet in making life just a tad bit easier.

  • My Calendar –Period Tracker

Price: Free

This application informs you when your time of the month is right around the corner. It’s incredibly essential, particularly if you’re sexually active. You simply note down every time your period starts and ends, while it predicts when the next one will come about. It also provides for ‘safe days’, just in case you want to partake in a little fun without getting pregnant. If you do want to get pregnant however, it’s also the ultimate helper, guiding you through the best way it can.

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  • Uber

Price: Free

I’m not sure anything I say will do this app the justice it deserves. This is probably the most essential app, if you’d like to travel throughout Nairobi, and lately they’ve made it even cheaper. This app provides for affordable and comfortable cab services. Simply jot down where you’d like to go, and the same will notify you of the nearest cab operator, who you get to know before s/he even arrives to pick you. Besides being efficient, it’s also safe.

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  • Wallet-Budget Tracker

Price: Free

If you’re just as terrible as I am when it comes to money management, then this should be on your list of downloaded applications. Wallet Budget is your personal finance accounting application. It’s easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. Wallet Budget allows you to track your income and various expenses. It also assists you in maintaining your budget, shopping lists, debts, etc.

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  • Pinterest

Price: Free

Whether it’s looking for ideas for your next outfit, or just a new recipe to try out, this app has it all in one. It’s both fun and entertaining, just enough to get you hooked. If you’re looking to impress, look no further, it has limitless information from home décor to beauty tips in order to keep your lifestyle fun and colorful.

  • My Fitness Pal

Price: Free

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