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Female entrepreneurs head for Google Demo day in Silicon Valley

by Vanessa Waithera
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Since last years edition of Google demo was quite a success there is another one this year as well. Google is hosting another Demo day that will host many great startups co-founded by women. The idea for this day is to bring different groups of startups from around the world to Silicon Valley. Thereafter the entrepreneurs will meet potential investors and get mentorship. Last year’s Google Demo saw 11 different startups that had four minutes each that showcased their business plans. This year all startups must at least have one woman and the project must be able to raise $1 million to $5 million.

So far applications are still ongoing and close on October 6th. After the startups will be selected the applicants will be in Silicon Valley from October 31st to November 3rd. Google will also be responsible oh hotel accommodation for up to two rooms, while for international founders it will cover their costs as well. This will give female entrepreneurs the chance to connect with global investors, VC’s and respected judges. The fact that the event will have good press coverage means that for those who will not win they would have been recognised. This will also push women to be more innovative and have their own startups. For a while now women-led startups struggle to get access to get to top investors who can help them raise money. At the end of the day judges will crown their favourite startup based on the strength of their business model, their team as well as products. Although this event encourages women in technology to apply, women who also have brilliant business plans are advised to apply.

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