Microsoft partners with ccHub to mentor startups in Nigeria



Nigeria is rising to become one of the most digital countries in Africa. Every other day there is something new that happens in Nigeria either in the business sector or startups. Many young Nigerian entrepreneurs have received massive support from different companies worldwide. Seeing this potential Microsoft has started a startup called WINsiders4good Fellowship who partnered with co-creation Hub that will offer 6 months mentorship to 20 technology startups in Nigeria. Co-Hub is a company in Nigeria that mentors young people that have technology startups. The applications began on the 21st of this month and will end on the 10th of October.

The startups that will qualify will receive hardware and software from Microsoft as well as 6 months training. During the training the entrepreneurs will get technical mentorship that will help the startups. The whole process will give the entrepreneurs a chance to collaborate with other technology companies and will be able to create better ideas in the long run. At the end of it all, the startups are expected to have come up with solutions that would solve social problems in Lagos. This new advancement in Nigeria has opened the door for better relations with other African countries and particularly for technology teams. So far a team of technical experts from Microsoft have arrived in Nigeria to start the select process from the 20 startups. This newfound opportunity is meant create a new group of technology experts that will have no limit to how much they can do. If all goes well Nigeria could be at the forefront of Africa’s technology, as they will have the chance to solve complex issues using technology.