Technology used in Kiambu to help build better roads



The search for better infrastructure in Kenya has been ongoing for a while now. Different counties have tried implementing new cost effective strategies that will improve roads or build new ones. One of the counties that have been trying to find a durable method is Kiambu. Just recently Kiambu found an innovative methods and new road designs for their county. These new methods of road designs that will be used are said to be cost friendly and will maximize the utilization of the available funds. This new process used is known as nanotechnology which will be used to construct 3,500km of road.  To add on to that, soil enhancement will also be used.

The best thing about soil enhancing solutions is the fact that it is environmental friendly and uses enzymes to modify roads. This will mean that locally available natural materials that are mixed with stabilizers will be able to be used, making it better than the normal roads. So far it was said by the county chief that the new methods were tested in Ruiru and Thika road and proved to be successful. Since Kenyan counties have been said to suffer financial constraints this new cheap technology has come in handy. The technologies will also help reduce county’s road construction as well as maintenance. Kenya has for a long time spent a lot of money tarmacking roads, especially in Githunguri and Thika towns.  Governor William Kabogo said that they have partnered with Indian and Israel companies so to understand the use of nanotechnology better. So far the use of nanotechnology is so new that some scientists are still not sure what will come from it.  At the end of it, the use of this specific kind of technology will improve the longevity and performance of the roads. Hopefully, this will develop infrastructure that will eventually spur economic growth.