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Gaming technology used to protect wildlife

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According to this, there is a new development in the continuous campaign to track down poachers in Africa. There have been several implemented methods that have been used all over Africa in attempt to protect our wildlife. Some have worked, while others terribly failed. Although a genius technique has come about from a US funded initiative that will apply artificial intelligence and game theory algorithms that will be able to predict poacher’s movements. The new technology is to be tried in Uganda as a pilot study before spreading out to other African countries. This will help rangers track illegal hunters as well as any animal traps.

Before the new game was made, researchers have been able to predict where future poachers may strike next or where animal traps will be. The team that created this is now known as Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security (PAWS). For particular animals like elephants, poaching has been on the rise almost every year especially in Uganda. Although many poachers are people who want to sell ivory or rhino horns, sometimes villagers kill the animals for meat or for sale. Since there has been serious concern about this, the study is taking place at the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The system is said to be able to map poachers routes in the same way a similar computer game would be able to map out its opponents next move. In order to perfect the technology, the park rangers offered information about the illegalities that had been going on there for a while.

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Without technological assistance rangers were not getting good results as they are now after using PAWS. While using PAWS, 10 antelope traps and elephant snares were caught. So far the greatest challenge PAWS has faced is the poor connection in the park. Poor internet connection can sometimes make rangers late from capturing poachers or would miss an animal trap. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt that this is one of the most helpful game systems ever created especially for such a cause.

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