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Kwanji; Bridging the Gap in Global Payments

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Kwanji is an online FX comparison & payment platform providing businesses in Africa with unrestricted access to the very best FX rates.

Founded by West African-born Leslie Onyesoh and supported by Kenyan born Amit Khosla, Kwanji is the bridge that allows African businesses to transact not only across the continent but with the rest of the world, with optimum pricing and ease.

Kwanji Fx is a free service for international payments aimed at small and mid-tier businesses offering quick and easy online comparison of rates and fees from a number of competing foreign exchange brokers and the ability to complete transactions – all within a few clicks. It is a simple and easy to use service which delivers major savings on international payments when compared with banks or single broker options.

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Whilst operating globally is great for business, the finance side can be a nightmare. Using a bank is hugely costly and it is easy to get caught out with high or hidden fees. Using a specialist broker is more cost effective but requires a whole lot of valuable time and effort to find the right one and ensure they remain competitive time after time. And of course an individual small or mid-tier business is never going to get the best deal going. So overall: complicated, time consuming and expensive.

Businesses are increasingly looking to expand into growth markets. Whilst global expectations are changing, trading with emergent and expanding markets remains expensive and impacts your bottom line. Kwanji believe that every company should be able to send funds and transact globally without being overcharged.

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Headquartered in the UK, the online foreign exchange and payments platform selected Kenya as the first African country to roll out its unique suite of services. Kwanji is focusing its operations here before scaling up its transcontinental roll-out across Africa and it’s targeting the manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure and alternative financial services sectors.

You can protect your business against currency volatility and guard your margins when trading globally. With Kwanji you can access FX quotes from respected financial institutions and make international payments to 200 countries in 165 currencies.

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