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Galaxy Note 7 Not Allowed on South African Flights

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Samsung South Africa, in support of the global recall and banning of Galaxy Note7 devices from flights, is implementing an exchange programme with exchange kiosks at major.

As a cautionary measure, Samsung South Africa is setting exchange kiosks at the departure points in their various international airports, to help with the smooth exchange of the affected devices.

Promoters at the kiosks will assist all consumers with a Galaxy Note7 to quickly and seamlessly replace their devices with the Samsung Flagship Galaxy S7 edge.

While the Galaxy Note7 has not been launched in South Africa, a small number of consumers managed to acquire the device either by buying it overseas or through parallel imports. Safety of those passengers travelling by air remains a priority, with the ban only affecting the Galaxy Note7 device.

For customers’ convenience, Samsung will ensure that their personal data will be safely transferred to the new device when exchanging their Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 edge device.

“Customers who own or have a Galaxy Note7 in their possession will not be able to board a plane if they have the device on them in person, in carry-on baggage or in checked baggage,” says Fleischer, the Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.

In order to verify the user’s identity and/or ownership of the Galaxy Note7 for the exchange to a Galaxy S7 edge or a full refund, information such as name, nationality, phone number, email, etc has to be submitted at the airport kiosks in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
“We making a friendly request to all travellers who might be in possession of a Galaxy Note7 to participate in the exchange program and to visit the Samsung exchange kiosks at the various airports prior to booking in for their flight,” Fleischer concluding states

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