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Gadget invented that can save your computer

Photographer Angela Ward Nottm Post Student Awards Ben Ball 17 of Tollerton who is a science genius
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Who would have thought that one day a young 17 year old boy would have thought of a thermoelectric cooler because he plays a lot of computer games? This is what happened with Ben Ball, an intelligent young A level student that has created a device that is meant to improve the performance of central processing units (CPUs). Because of this project, Mr.Ball has earned the Nottingham High School student as the overall winner title at this Young Engineer for Britain’s awards 2016. Ben has been working on this project for almost close to a year now and has managed to wow people with what he has so far done.

Although Ben is only an A level student, he has proven that the sky is not the limit with his brilliant idea. A Central processing unit is basically the brain of a computer and as computers are using high CPU load software, the more power they need. A CPU, can be slowed down with software that is either too high grade for it or the software is too fast. Nevertheless, the CPU needed nowadays for any software can be quite costly. When Ben noted the problem, he decided to develop a cheaper CPU which could be cooled to a lower temperature while ensuring it obtains a similar speed to the costly one. This new project would also keep CPU’s from overheating and would most likely last longer.

Ben has perhaps been one of the only people in the world who has managed to designed and created a CPU cooler that is very cost friendly. To add on to that, Ben’s new gadget is programmed to control thermoelectric cells to cool processors to much lower temperatures than traditional coolers allowing a computer to run faster and extending time for it’s components. Ben proves to be the next science and computer genius while he stated that this will not be his last project. The next project he is working on is a solar-powered autonomous lawn mower which will be able to detect edges and even tilt to allow light absorption. He is proof that age is nothing but a number and should be inspiring to all young people.

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