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New device that can makes your wine taste better

Many of us categorize wine into two groups; if it’s white wine then you’re sure to put it in the fridge to chill or if it’s red then leave it out on the counter. But there are those people who enjoy their wine a bit more than you possibly would and when there is a device that promises that your beverage will taste better then Plum can do it all. For the wine obsessed, the new gadget this season is the Plum wine fridge. The new small fridge has been designed to hold two bottles at time, but it promises to serve the two bottles of wine the best way you would ever imagine. As a matter of fact, scientists have reminded us that the wine business is also a science. For instance, did you know that a wine bottle’s measurements and conditions have to be taken? well there’s a lot to making wine and perhaps why it deserves a smart gadget to ensure it is kept that way.

like most smart devices, a gadget is not exactly qualified as smart until it is connected to the internet. Most logical people would wonder why one earth they would need a wine gadget that’s connected to the net. For starters, most of us sip on our wine without entirely knowing what it is. This is why Plum has camera’s inside, the internet connection helps the camera’s scan the labels on the wine bottle and saves the data. After a few seconds a notification pops up on the front of the fridge screen that tells you exactly what you have loaded in. Not every wine needs the same temperatures hence why once you place your wine in the chamber it immediately puts the optimal temperature for the wine. The gadget can also recognize just about 220 different kind of wines, that’s definitely a lot more than you will drink.  Plum has also proved to have the best preservation system, meaning your wine will be able to last for 90 days without spoiling even after you open it. This may not be as important, but three months with the same wine, especially if it was an expensive one, would be nice to sip on it for a while.

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