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Afriwise; Using Technology to Connect Businesses to Local Experts

Afriwise was founded by Africa-focused lawyers and consultants from traditional large commercial firms as they felt restricted in their ability to truly help their clients manage risk in Africa. Today they leverage a large network of experts across Africa to provide innovative advice and solutions to clients. In two short years they have built a success story, won several international awards, grown their team and achieved sustained profitability

They have developed an online platform through which subscribers can identify and work efficiently with vetted experts across Africa and have access to useful, practical and innovative tools and insights. They are using technology to connect businesses, local experts and critical information in Africa in an extraordinary way, thereby making relevant insights cheaper and offering businesses direct access to the right local experts.

Understanding local customs, sensibilities and complexities and having access to on-the-ground expertise is key when doing business in Africa. Afriwise has created a space where access to local expertise meets a passion for global excellence. They transform the way organizations can access information about local markets through innovation that makes sense.

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A continent as diverse and complex as Africa demands access to critical local insights and information. In most developing countries, companies find it easy to find the right service providers (experts) and to access information. However, in Africa, organizations struggle to identify the right local experts and advisers and to collaborate efficiently with them.

If you join Afriwise com, you can enjoy a business-focused marketplace and platform that provides access to vetted local experts in Africa and offering both advisers and buyers workflow and collaborative tools to manage the logistics around consulting sessions.

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Afriwise com provides buyers of services access to relevant local experts (vetted professionals) but also to proper workflow and project management tools which guarantee the integrity of the services provided.

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