Self-Delivery Van Expected by 2020


Years ago, no one would have thought that we would one day have a self-driven car, the most people thought about was perhaps an automatic car after the manual one of course. But with the recent developments in technology, everything is becoming automated. In many countries the self driving legislation bill is waiting to be passed by 2020 so that such cars can be on the roads. With people becoming more environmental conscious different trucks and companies are trying to ensure that more products are safe for the environment. This is why a self-delivery truck is expected by 2020. Since people use trucks for major deliveries they may soon be replaced as they said to be polluting, loud and unfriendly.

The van is meant to be the exact opposite of what a truck is; elegant, quiet, clean and safe. This means that people are expected to change the delivery system soon enough by 2020. The self-delivery van has been designed to be light and ranges from 3.5 to 26 tonnes and is currently in talks with major truck companies. Popular delivery company DHL has approved this new technology advancement for commercial usage and the better way for future logistics. The vehicles will be built using ultra-lightweight composite material which will reduce the weight of the vehicle. So far a software has been developed in- house and will be uploaded to the trucks once ready and will be able to be used at the touch of a button.

UK’s target is to be one of the driverless countries in the world as soon as possible. So far the government has been working on passing the self-driving bill and has been consulting with insurance firms to have good motor regulations for the autonomous van. This means by 2020 we expect a lot of autonomous cars and especially from the UK.