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Venture Finance in Africa Research; A Survey for Entrepreneurs

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If you’re an entrepreneur, the Startup Research Africa team invites you to participate in their annual benchmark study on African venture performance.

The reliable data on performance of early-stage, high growth ventures in Africa is very scarce. Their ambition is to change the world’s perception of business in Africa by unlocking the quality information to the market.

The research focuses on growth, job creation, capital investments, revenue/profit generation, economic, social and environmental impact over time, and the contributing factors. The data will be compared across sectors, countries, stages of growth, among other categories.

Their aim is to empower you with the data and the tools you need to benchmark your performance. At the same time, investors need this information to understand the market and make informed decisions. With your participation, it is possible to increase the activity of early stage investors in Africa and to influence the thinking and actions of policy makers.

The survey should only take 10 minutes, and the data remains anonymous. We will keep you updated about the results and share a final copy of the report with the entrepreneurs that participate. We will only publish aggregate data, so again your personal details and your company name will stay confidential and won’t be disclosed in the report.

Your participation is most appreciated. If you have any questions about the research, please email us: [email protected]. Make sure to login to your VC4Africa account first before starting the survey:

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