Home Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with 1000fps slow-motion video. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with 1000fps slow-motion video. 

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Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors are coming in from left and right. Most of the times the leaks are repetitive. However, every once in a while you get a really juicy piece of intel.  According to the latest leak, the S8 will come with a 12 MP camera. Now before you frown that Samsung has retained the same resolution that was in the previous S7, this new iteration comes with a whopping 1,000 fps slow motion video. Now recently Sony Xperia XZ Premium made headlines with its record breaking 960fps but it seems that glory will be short-lived.
Sony achieved that by using its new sensor the Sony IMX 400. Samsung had traditionally used Sony sensors and even mixed them with Samsung ones depending on regions. This time round, reports say that S8 will not employ the Sony sensors. We are assuming that the in house ISOCELL Samsung cameras will be utilized.
Other amazing tech on the camera will be a new Iris sensor. It will utilize a 3.7 MP scanner along side a 8MP selfie camera. We recently had an encounter with such a scanner on the very affordable Fero Iris and it was quite a positive experience.  This, however, won’t be the first time that the company is working with Iris scanners. The ill- fated Galaxy Note 7 was the first phone in the world to have it. Samsung will only have to build on that knowledge.

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