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WhatsApp brings back the text based status update after user backlash. 

by Dennis Mathu
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Since whatsapp was acquired by Facebook, it has been very vibrant in pushing new features. I have always looked forward to the next update, that was until the 24 hours status feature was released.

At first, I didn’t understand the update. Why would they cap it to only 24 hours, it’s simply not enough time to have all your friends see your status content . But after trying it several times it slowly grew on me. This whole time I kept missing the text based status; turns out I wasn’t the only one. There was a global backlash around the lack of the text status.

Fortunately, the whatsapp team has been listening and is on track to bringing it back. The evidence of this return comes from the whatsapp beta app. This app is used to test new features before they are rolled out to the stable app. Additionally, a statement from whatsapp was issued stating that the text update will appear next to profile names when a user is looking at group information or trying to start a new conversation.

Still on the whataspp beta app, there was once a feature that enabled users to delete or edit a text they had already sent if the recipient had not read it yet. We can only hope that this too makes it to the stable app soon. For now, let’s rejoice on the comeback of a beloved feature.

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