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Gmail will now let you stream video attachments.

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The team behind Gmail has recently released a feature that will let you stream video attachments. Previously, when someone sent you an attachment, you had to download it first then play the clip using the video player you have installed in your device. Since Gmail is a brother to Youtube, the video streaming giant, it was only a matter of time before the two shared their strengths.

After the update rolls out, you will be able to stream a video attachment the same way you would a typical Youtube video. In fact, the same Youtube infrastructure and player will be used. The player will let you adjust playback speed and volume levels. According to the official Gsuite press release website, the update is scheduled to reach all users in the 15 days. It is funny how Youtube is working on features that let you download videos and view them later while Gmail is busy doing the opposite, but having options is always welcome and we applaud Google for making the move.

It is important to note that videos will still be subject to the 25MB attachment limit size. Any file bigger than that will be sent to Google Drive and the recipient will get a link to it. Fortunately, Google Drive already has the streaming feature so you won’t be losing any functionality.

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Google has been pushing Gmail features more frequently nowadays. The other day, it made it possible to use the android Gmail app to make money transfers. A user can send or request for funds with his or her contacts. The feature is supported by the infrastructure of Google Wallet. If you haven’t seen it yet, there seems to be a pattern that is forming between the various Google platforms, they are sharing their features to create a cohesive eco system of Google products. We can only hope that this momentum continues, it will only result to making life easier to all users.

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