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Meet the revamped Samsung Gear VR and Gear 360

Samsung launched a new Gear VR and a Gear 360 alongside the amazing Galaxy S8. The S8 stole all the buzz and these other accessories didn’t get as much traction but they are nonetheless remarkable products.

Gear VR 2017


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First off, the new Gear VR comes with a Bluetooth motion controller. This will enable people to interact with the things they are watching via the headset. Previously, users only played the role of passive viewers but that will now change. The controller will open a whole world of possibilities especially in the gaming arena. It has a clickable track pad, a trigger button, back and home navigation keys and volume controls; the VR headset retained the touch controls from last year as well. Luckily, the new controller will be available in the box of the Gear VR and in case you misplace it, you can buy another for $40 (KES 4,000).

The Gear didn’t stop there, it can now allow you to watch live streamed videos as well as content from popular providers such as Buzz feed and many others. To get in on this new gaming era, you will need to purchase the Gear VR for $120 (KES 12,000). That’s $20 (KES 2,000) above the starting price of its predecessor but I think it is worth it since you get a controller worth double that price in the box.

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Gear 360


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If you want to create content for the VR, the 360 is what you will need. It comes with an SD card slot, two 8.4MP cameras and a 360 app companion that can control it remotely. This year, the Gear 360 went full throttle, it can now record in 4K resolution. Moreover, it can stream the video to YouTube in 2K resolution. Streaming in 4K would be very processor intensive and not to mention high data consumption, so they settled for 2K. While recording, you can mount the camera on a tripod or hold it in your hand using the rounded handle it comes with. Most phones with android 5.0 and above can work with the Gear 360. iPhones with IOS 10 and above can also tag along. To own one, you will need to cough out $350 (KES 35,000).

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