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Huawei sold a whopping 12 million units of the P9

Huawei had a great run last year, its flagship duo sold like hot cakes. The Huawei P9 and the P9 Plus was predicted to hit 10 million units in sales. Well that achievement was realized on December last year. However, the phone still has some shelf life before its successor, the Huawei P10, would get launched on February.

It seems that people continued to buy the Huawei P9 even after the P10 got unveiled. The phone went on to sell two million units those few couple of months that 2017 has lasted. We had noted a while back that the new Huawei P10 was just an incremental update over the P9, it seems many people saw that too, and they just settled on saving themselves some cash by going for last year’s offering instead.

Huawei was happy with the sales performance of the P9 and they are forecasting that the P10 will achieve even better results. It is possible for the P10 to sell over 10 million units but it won’t be as easy to achieve. Last year’s P9 was a truly incredible phone, it had beautiful aesthetics, amazing Dual Leica camera and a price tag that was lower than other flagships. The partnership with the Germany camera manufacturers, Leica, seems to have paid off well. This year’s Huawei P10 doesn’t have any headlining features. It just slightly builds on the foundation that the P9 made. Will that be enough to break P9’s record? We will have to wait and see.

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Having said that, Huawei has other product lines that have the potential to do just as great. Their big sized Mate series has really compelling products such as the award winning Huawei Mate 9. They also have the GR series that is slowly catching on in Africa especially Kenya. On the other hand, for the Americans, Huawei has a sub brand called Honor, it has been flying off the shelves for some time now.  Ultimately, Huawei is a well-rounded company that has more than one card up its sleeves.

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