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myStudyFocus Wants to Make Nigerian Students More Productive

Anyone who schooled in Nigerian can relate to how challenging it is to keep up with campus activities. There’s so many things to do as a student, while still trying to cope with academic works.

myStudyFocus was launched with the aim of making students more effective. The mobile app was developed for students in higher institutions to help manage their daily school activities.

It is intended that by leveraging the platform to manage uphill tasks such as Grade Point calculations, homework, lecture schedules, timetables, projects and so on, the performance and overall effectiveness of the average Nigerian student will be improved.

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The app is currently available to students of the University of Lagos, with features that include course outline and details for all courses to be taken from first to final year; timetables with 10-minute notification ahead of lecture; task manager, which keeps track of tasks such as studying and submission of assignments. Notifies when completed; Grade Point calculator — easily calculate and estimate grades for a particular semester or year.

Launched in January, 2017 by Olaogun Toluwalase, myStudyFocus has over 5000 downloads on Google Play store already, and there are plans to add more schools soon.

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Availability in just one tertiary institution has given myStudyFocus over 5000 downloads in just 3 months, showing how helpful the app is to Nigerian students. Now, we have over 200 tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Going live in each of these schools definitely means myStudyFocus has a high potential for growth.

myStudyFocus is available for download on the Google Play store.

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