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Twitter now has a lite version, but it’s not similar to Facebook Lite. 

by Dennis Mathu
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Twitter decided to follow the footsteps of Facebook and YouTube to create a lite version of their social network. However before you go looking for it in the play Store, this lite version isn’t an app, it’s their mobile site instead, Facebook lite and YouTube Go are offered as native apps though the YouTube one has very limited availability. 

According to twitter, more than 45% of smartphone users are still on 2G networks as per the data they obtained from GSMA. This prompted them to have a solution to cater for these slower networks. 

Twitter already had a mobile site which consumed 40% lesser data than their main site. But with Twitter Lite , the company has added a “data saver”  switch that pushes the efficiency to 70% less data  usage. In this mode, pictures will be displayed as blurry and the user will tap on the ones they want to load. 

The social networking company went further on Chrome browser. If you open Twitter Lite on Chrome, the site will have an app-like layout, it will also prompt you to save it as a bookmark. Moreover, you will get push notifications and alerts to like you would from a native app. Now Opera mini has a similar feature for the Facebook website, we can only hope they will do the same with Twitter Lite. 
We are wishing that this trend of lite versions continue. Facebook has been at the front line with Messenger Lite and Facebook Lite. Perhaps what everyone is wishing for next is Instagram Lite, after all it is a child of Facebook and we all know how data hungry it is. Maybe in future we can have a Pinterest lite, that would really be great! 

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