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How Technology can be Useful during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a nerve-wrecking ordeal especially for first time mothers. Common struggles they go through include anxiety, feeling alone, having many questions, and wondering whether anything they do is okay for the baby. While it is vital to keep up with pre-natal hospital visits, there are ways in which ...


How Technology Can Help You Keep Fit

Keeping fit is part of living a wholesome and healthy life. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have a chiselled out body or compact muscles to prove you are fit. Fitness includes other things in addition to the physical activities. While there are traditional ways of achieving ...

4 Apps Every Woman Should Own

People tend to assume that women don't know how to use tech but I disagree. Perhaps we don't utilize our phones as much as we probably should. We get on social media and set our alarms and we think that we have done enough. While a phone is just meant ...

Best Free Period Tracking Apps

You honestly don't need to mentally torture yourself trying to remember your menstrual cycle when you can get a period tracker. Technology is best used when it helps you. There are those days when you don't remember when your periods came or even how the flow was, hence why you ...

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