Home Tech Lenovo Flex 11 laptop can bend 360 degrees, has 10 hour battery life and is incredibly affordable.

Lenovo Flex 11 laptop can bend 360 degrees, has 10 hour battery life and is incredibly affordable.

by Dennis Mathu
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Lenovo just unveiled the Flex 11, a one of a kind laptop with well thought out features. The best of them being the 360 degrees hinges that gave the laptop its name, they can flex into laptop mode, tent mode (which looks like an inverted V), tablet mode and more. The display is a touchscreen so you don’t need the keyboard to interact with it for instance in tablet mode.

The laptop has a 10 hour battery life which is credible since it only pushes 1366*768 resolution on an 11.6 inches display. Moreover, it runs on a 2.1GHZ quad core ARM processor. ARM is the same company that makes blueprints for smartphone processors which we already know are forgiving on the battery. The Chrome OS which comes installed is also very efficient on power usage since it runs web and android apps. However, the Google Play Store was said to be available soon with no specific date given.

The processor is backed up by 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage. Before you frown at that storage, it is important to note that Chrome OS is mostly web based meaning that your content will be stored on the cloud. In case you still want more capacity, the Lenovo Flex 11 comes with SD card reader, a USB Type C port, and a USB 3.0 port which you can hook up an external hard disk. An audio jack is also on board.

The device packs a 720HD webcam for video chats. Surprisingly, Lenovo knows how spills easily fry motherboards, so they equipped the Chromebook with a spill resistant keyboard that can withstand up to 330ml of fluids. Also, the laptop will survive drops of up to 75 cm high. This amazing machine will only cost $279 (KES 27,900) that is a very affordable price tag for the value adding features you get. Students and other people who mostly deal with internet browsing and word processing software, such as Microsoft Office and Google Gsuite, are the key target for Chromebooks; the Lenovo Flex 11 is perhaps the best option out there.

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