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SaaS recruitment platform Employfy expands across Anglophone Africa, eyes English speaking Asian markets

Launched in Kenya in mid-2014 and into South Africa late last year, Employfy has expanded its reach to Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt and a majority of all English speaking African countries to aid hiring executives make faster, objective decisions on applicants and subsequently build talent pools for the future.
and its operations in Africa:
Employfy, a platform which helps employers and recruiters to source candidates with easy-to-use tools that save time and money says it invested nearly 18 months of research in Kenya, along with the Institute of Human Resources and the Kenya Institute of Management to help refine the problem solving features of the product before expanding across Anglophone Africa.
“We are now embarking on communicating with specific English speaking Asian countries,” Ahmed Yusuf, founder and CEO Employfy told TechMoran. “As part of engagement with our audience, we have created a unique series of interviews with hiring executives and sharing the insights across the continent. We have begun this interview program in South Africa and Nigeria and are only just starting out in Kenya.”
Ahmed tells TechMoran Employfy has resonated with the market, especially in jobs that attract volumes of applicants and is in the proccess working to solve some of its new challenges such as payment difficulties.
“As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, our payment channels reflect that of most SaaS products e.g. credit card. Working to fine tune what works best for each country is a task that is not yet fully resolved,” he said. “Additionally, some countries owing to fiscal challenges have tightened foreign currency exchanges making it harder for consumers to make offshore purchases. Nigeria is a case in point.”
Ahmed says companies whose operations are centred in remote locations find that talent sourcing is best done offline. For instance in mining towns, where the lack of Internet or good Internet prohibits companies from using digital tools to engage with potential job applicants. The firm has therefore embarked on educating some markets on the full range of online recruitment tools i.e. the difference between a job listing site and an applicant tracking system.
Some recruiters don’t see the difference between Employfy which has smarter capabilities beyond an applicant tracking system i.e. video interviewing, skills testing capabilities from mere job listing platforms or job boards. Therefore there’s a huge need to educate the masses.
“What is certain, we have created a product uniquely placed for Africa which is characterised by having fewer jobs for a growing population of young people. It is in the making of fast, objective decisions in selecting the right candidates that Employfy stands out,” Ahmed concluded.
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Sam Wakoba
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