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This Startup is Helping Nigerian Parents Choose the Best Schools for Their Wards

by Christie Uzebu
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The education sector has for a while now been enjoying solutions to many pressing, as more and more startup founders with their disruptive ideas, are unveiling tech startups that provide various solutions for the industry.

Meet SchoolsCompass, an online solution that helps parents choose the best schools for their wards…

Launched in August 2016 by Mytcodes, an indigenous software development firm, the startup presents equal opportunities for schools in Nigeria to tell parents what they’ve got to offer their children/wards, and also helps parents find the best schools to meet the unique needs and expectations of their child.

Schools are profiled on the platform by the school owner/administrator, displaying the school’s value proposition, academic records, admission form, as well as other facilities that genuinely convey the school story.

Parents can select up to four(4) schools and click on ‘compare’ button next to any of the selected schools to see more clearly and visually the difference in these schools by juxtaposing them.

If you they are satisfied with the any of the schools, they can contact it directly with the information supplied on the schools page.

It also serves as a platform where applicants interested in working with a particular school can upload their resumes directly to the schools. This feature is available for Premium and Exclusive member schools only.

SchoolsCompass has a number of competitors offering the same service, with Edusko being one of the most notable. Notwithstanding, they seem to be doing well, and have a number of reviews visible on the site. This only means the education sector is big enough to accommodate the best solutions.

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