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SusuAI Allows You Automate Your Bills and Savings Plan

by Christie Uzebu
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Sometimes, we get taken unawares by bills. We know we have bills, but then forget to put plans in place, so we have the money ready when payment date arrives. Even when we do know the dates for our bills payment, being disciplined enough to save for a purpose is sometimes a challenge.

If you find it difficult to save and monitor your bill payments, then you should turn to SusuAI.

SusuAI is an Artificial Intelligence Savings Plan which help users manage and automate all their bills, such as, Housing, Rent, School Fees, Buy Car, Utility and more.

How it works? When a user wants to ensure he had his/her house rent bill ready on/before the due date, he/she can tell SusuAI the House Rent Target (e.g. 1200000), Contribution Type (e.g. daily or weekly or monthly), Duration (e.g. 10), the SusuAI will calculate the recurrent amount and cycle and always notify user when it’s time for each schedule payment.

Users can also instruct SusuAI to push funds to specified account (e.g. My Landlord Account) on savings completion by Linking the account to the savings.

Once contribution cycle is completed, SusuAI will seek user permission to push completed savings to specified account, and disbursement will be done at the instant.

Co-founded by I. Kennedy Yinusa and AbdulRasheed Lawal, the platform creates seamless and convenient platform for Nigerians to effectively manage and automate all their billings right from their mobile phone. 

Another feature of SusuAI is its Vault/Wallet, that gives details and balance of user’s savings contribution and disbursement, this is to ensure that user can easily monitor how his funds moves on each saving lifecycle.

To ensure all savings done by users are safe, SusuAI has gone into a partnership with GTBank through Flutterwave Payment engine. The platform is also currently available in 3 Currencies – Nigerian Naira, Ghanian Cedi, and Kenyan Shilling.

SusuAI is present only for Nigerians at the BETA stage, with plans to scale to other African countries soon.

It is no doubt solving real issues, as quite a number of people have the challenge of managing their finances. We really can’t wait to see how it scales.

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