Friday, June 14, 2024
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Tag: Money

Borrowers Will Suffer As Kenyan Digital Lenders Face New Taxation

A new planned tax in Kenya is expected to hit digital lenders hard. A 20 percent excise tax on fees collected is proposed in the Finance Bill presently before parliament. If parliament accepts this, however, borrowers would most certainly

Nokia Corporation Facing Legal Scrutiny After Kenyan Company Was Allowed To Prosecute It’s Directors For Illegal Tax Records

Nokia's tax records were recently investigated after a Nairobi court gave the right to do so. The company known as Technoservice ltd privately did their research and their findings could actually ruin Nokia as a company.

Is The CRB Listing Freeze A Blessing Or A Curse To Kenyans?

One of the measures that was put in place was to money lenders, they could no longer list people on CRB for some time. But was this a good or bad thing?

Wazalendo Money Lending App Facing Heat Over Vulgar Responses To Negative Reviews

Money lending apps in Kenya are probably one of the most unprofessional apps in Kenya. When you borrow from them be ready to be harassed even days before your loan is due

How to Make Money Online

As an adult, you will find yourself looking for money on almost a daily basis. Most of...

How Technology Can Help You Save Money

With the ever-changing economic times, saving money is becoming more necessary. The COVID 19 pandemic showed us...

The Best Cash Back Apps for Everyday Expenses

Life is expensive! Not only do you have to pay for groceries, clothing, and bills, there are...

SusuAI Allows You Automate Your Bills and Savings Plan

Sometimes, we get taken unawares by bills. We know we have bills, but then forget to put...