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OPPO F3 unboxing and first impressions: first look at the latest selfie expert 

The OPPO F3 is the latest phone in the line of OPPO’s F series of Selfie Experts. It takes the art of taking selfies to a whole new level by using dual front facing cameras. However, there is a lot more to the phone than just the selfie skills, here is our unboxing and first impressions.


In the box

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  • Fast charger
  • USB cable

  • Earphones

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  • Silicon clear case

  • SIM remover tool

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  • Documentation

Quick Specifications
SCREEN: 5.5 inch Full HD

OS: Android 6 Marshmallow + Color OS 3.0

CPU : Mediatek 6750T octacore


STORAGE: 64GB Expandable



BATTERY: 3200mAh

See the in-depth specs and price here

Display & Design 

The OPPO F3 has a 5.5 inch Full HD display that is bright enough for visibility in direct sunlight. Flip the scene and go to dim lit room, the display can reduce its brightness to a level that won’t let u squint to see. However, I have seen other phones go to lower brightness settings for an even more comfortable reading experience in the dark.

Fortunately, the F3 comes with eye protection mode that gives the display a yellow tint that filters out harmful light.

The display is covered by a beautiful 2.5D glass that is a pleasure to touch especially when swiping on the screen. OPPO was generous enough to attach a glass protector on top. A clear case silicon cover is also in the box to cover the slim metallic body.



The OPPO F3 is a pleasure to use. Many people might frown after seeing a Mediatek 6750T on the specs sheet, but thanks to the enormous 4GB RAM, the performance is flawless! I have played a few gaming titles on the device, some of them are light such as Vertigo Racing, others have heavy graphics such as Mortal Kombat X and they all flow smoothly.

Heavy games like Mortal Kombat X play smoothly

The multi tasking interface is a horizontally scrollable list unlike the vertical setup of stock Android. You can stick apps to remain on the memory by slightly pulling its card downwards .


This is the place that die hard fans of stock Android will have a hard time navigating. Firstly, the OPPO F3’s Color OS 3.0 doesn’t have an app drawer. There’s no option to bring it back like they do on Samsung or LG. A third-party launcher keeps getting removed once you press the home button, the Color OS home launcher is restored instantly. Fortunately there is a universal search that can save you the hustle of looking through all the apps scattered on the display

The notification panel is also completely altered. When you pull it down, you are taken to the quick settings, swipe left to right and get the notifications. There is no option of viewing the notifications first. Moreover, you cannot edit the quick settings toggles to add, remove or rearrange them. Notifications can not be expanded and they do not have quick reply options. No icons are shown on the notification bar up top, you are forced to pull down the notification shade to find out what app just made an alert. This is not a convenient method at all.

On a positive note, the notification bar shows the data you have used so far on daily and monthly basis.

Also, OPPO F3 doesn’t come with bloatware which is a nice touch. You only get few extra apps such as “Security” app for virus scanning and “Backup and Restore” app which can backup system data, app data and even clone your previous phone’s information to your new OPPO F3.

In terms of customization, there is a theme store and quick gestures such as drawing figures on the screen to activate tasks or apps. Three finger swipe from top to bottom takes a screen shot.

The front mounted finger print scanner is fast and accurate. It can register multiple prints. You cannot use the sensor for other tasks though.


The OPPO F3 comes with a dual selfie camera, one is 16MP for high resolution solo shots + 8MP for group selfies. There are 3 other modes which include GIF for making short clips which play on repeat loop, double exposure for combining two pics into one, and live filters. Beauty mode is also present.

The rear camera caps at 13MP with single LED and share all the modes of the selfie shooters. It takes pictures really fast thanks to Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology. There is an expert mode for manual controls and an Ultra HD mode for taking 24MP pictures,double the resolution of the sensor.

As far as quality goes, the pictures taken are sharp with beautiful true to life colors. Some people prefer more saturation but OPPO goes for realistic color rendering. However, the selfie camera tends to over expose scenes so you need to focus properly or reduce exposure for best results.

Solo shot angle
Wide angle selfie, you can see almost half the field

The rear camera is more mature, it doesn’t over expose, its colors are a bit richer and the very fast snap times mean you won’t miss any action. It’s low light capabilities are better than those of the selfie camera.

More image analysis will come in the full in-depth review.


The 3200mAh battery is not a road warriors but it is just enough to take you through a whole day. Especially if you enable the “Low Power mode”. It’s very unfortunate that the phone does come with Ultra low power mode for those desperate times. Also, the settings menu omits hardware battery usage so we cannot tell the on-screen times.

Fast charge is present, but it is not the ultra fast VOOC charge technology that come with other OPPO phones.

Dennis Mathu
Dennis Mathu
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