Monday, August 8, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
Home Business KitchenSoko Delivers Fresh Groceries Straight from the Farm to Your Home

KitchenSoko Delivers Fresh Groceries Straight from the Farm to Your Home

by Shera
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While Winston Wachanga began growing a tomato farm of his own in central Kenya, he experienced the same struggle of various farmers across the country trying to find a buyer.

To solve this problem, Wachanga set up online delivery company Kitchen Soko. In less than a year he has built up a network of 80 local farmers in Kenya whose produce is delivered in a box straight to the customer’s front door.

Kitchen Soko is a fresh food market business enabling you to easily and conveniently buy fresh food directly from the farmers/food producers.

The company offers customers a wide variety of locally sourced, organic and sustainable produce, meat and other food by aggregating goods from multiple farmers and creating a delivery system that can bring together a single order of food within two days. This gives shoppers a wide range of options, including seasonal produce, meats or fish, breads and cheese, as well as pre-made snacks and meals.

One can order online, on phone or through email, the food is prepped as per the order and then it’s aggregated, packed and delivered to your door.

Customers can find out exactly which farm the produce has come from. As such they can avoid consuming toxins in food provided by big suppliers in Nairobi. Recent tests on a sample of food bought in markets and supermarkets in the city found kale containing toxic levels of lead and fruit containing traces of calcium carbide.

Wachanga is one of the tech entrepreneurs tapping into Africa’s middle class as well as the continent’s improving access to internet. In 2013 McKinsey estimated that by 2025 e-commerce could account for 10% of retail sales in Africa’s largest economies.

Kitchen Soko now supplies 500 boxes a week. Expats make up about one quarter of Kitchen Soko’s clients, while the rest are local. You too can join his growing customer base and receive fresh, organic groceries by clicking here.


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