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Wesabi is Helping Nigerians Find Skilled Artisans in their Neighbourhood

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Wesabi was launched by Murtala Sanni in July 2015 to help ease the process of searching for proper artisans and craftsmen, which is one very daunting and uncoordinated task in Nigeria.

Through a website and a mobile app, Wesabi helps individuals and businesses find skilled workers in their neighbourhood.

From plumbing to carpentry, tiling, painting, Ac repair, home cleaning, laundry and many other domestic and commercial needs, users make request for the service of an artisan by simply booking through a form on the Wesabi website, then a matching algorithm identifies & alerts the best available worker in the user’s neighbourhood.

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Contact details are shared between users and artisans, and payment is only made after the job has been completed. The platform also enables users to review workers at the end of a job, which is aimed at making them accountable.

In addition to its services, Wesabi provides insurance protection free for users, which covers property damage or rare theft. This it says, is for users to have “an ultimate peace of mind knowing that every eligible task they request is covered by the Wesabi Insurance”.

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Startups like Wesabi,  providing artisans for domestic needs have suddenly become popular, and are solving real problems faced by Nigerians.

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