CowriePay Launches to Allow Users Buy Products and Pay Later


CowriePay is a payment gateway, allowing customers to buy now and pay later, in partnership with licensed financial services providers, as fund providers, and retailers/merchants. Customers can also Send Money to and Receive Money from anyone with an email or mobile phone number.

Launched by Malik Sule in June 2015, CowriePay solves the problems of consumer financing, a common problem in emerging e-commerce markets. Users of the platform can spread payments for a period of up to 12 months at the check out point.

Accordding to the founder, “Our customers start by applying online. Each application is picked up by our partners – licensed loan providers. Verification is done by phone and decision is guaranteed within 24 hours. After approval in principle, customers can now “Buy Now and Pay Later” at the checkout point.

With CowriePay, everyone wins. Customers can now buy whatever they need, whenever they need it.
Merchants extend credits to their customers without the associated credit risks thereby increasing sales and profitability. In addition, Merchants receive 100% payment into their CowriePay account immediately, with low fees”.

The platform conducts credit check and bank account validation upon registration, and first time customer with no proof of income receive their goods after the last installment is paid.