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PickMe Taxi Is Connecting Commuters To Public Taxis

The e-hailing service industry is constantly growing, and number of startups in Nigeria have been helping make life easier for commuters by enabling them order for cab services from the comfort of their homes and services.

PickMe Taxi is one of the e-hailing service you’ve probably not heard of, and it comes with a slightly different twist. The taxi request platform connects¬†commuters to vetted, decent and affordable public taxis.

According to the founder, “the idea behind PickMe Taxi is to make vetted public taxis available for commuters in Nigeria but particularly for the middle income. Two main objective of PickMe Taxi is to help fight taxi robbery called ONE CHANCE, as well as help commuters easily recover forgotten items in taxis.

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For drivers who register on the platform to start receiving job, they undergo a background/contact verification carried out by the PickMe Taxi team.

PickMe Taxi is available for download on Google Playstore. Users simple download, request a taxi by entering their taxi preference and destination details. The platform then contact available drivers who give commuters a call to follow up on their request.

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