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Are Infinix phone models degrading after every new release?

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I have been a long time fan of Infinix, right from the days of the Hot One. I always preferred Infinix products over their rival/sister company Tecno. They are not only more affordable and value packed, but also seem to be more focused on details like camera quality, performance, battery life and more. However, I have been following the company’s smartphone launches and I have realized a worrying pattern.

Zero 2 was a work of art, had a colorful AMOLED display, special Kevlar back casing and a super slim 6.5mm thin body

Infinix phones seem to be getting better after every new release, but after a closer look, you will discover that they are actually degrading. Here’s an example, the Zero 2 was a masterpiece, it had an AMOLED display, a technology that was only reserved for high end flagships at the time. It also had rear casing that was made from Kevlar, a material so tough that it is used for bullet-proof vests. Finally it was 6.5mm thin, effectively making it slimmer than the 6.8mm Samsung Galaxy S6, the top flagship device that year. A friend of mine still uses the Infinix Zero 2 and it still turns heads up to date. With such a premise, I was expecting the successor to be mind blowing, but was it?

Zero 3 lost the AMOLED screen, Kevlar back and is much more bulkier than the prior Zero 2

Infinix Zero 3, launched the following year, was a nasty surprise. The first time I read about it online, I was hoping it was an early prototype. It lost the AMOLED in favor of a dull LCD, the Kevlar got replaced with a cheap plastic cover that was designed to fool the user into thinking that it was a glass casing, the phone also gained weight…a lot! The only major upgrade was the processor (Mediatek Helio X10), bigger battery and a 20.7MP camera. Not a bad phone, I particularly loved the photos taken by its camera but so much was sacrificed from the Zero 2 to keep the price at Ksh 18,000.

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This year’s Infinix Zero 4 has a slower processor than last year’s Zero 3. Its a shame.

The Zero 4 wasn’t lucky either, it got an inferior chipset compared to the one in its predecessor (Mediatek 6753 vs 6795 Helio X10), this is unheard of for a flagship device. The Mediatek 6753 is a year older than the Helio X10 that was in the Zero 3. This was a huge deal breaker for power users. Sure there is a much more powerful Zero 4 Plus, but its price is almost double that of the Zero 3 and 4, it targets a whole new audience altogether.

Moving on, the Infinix Note series seems to be the only one that was not compromised, not until they launched the Note 4. You see, the Note 3 had the same processor (Mediatek 6753 ) that is running on the current Zero 4, add that to a bigger battery, decent photos and metallic build, I found myself wondering which among the two was the flagship. The current Zero 4’s only feature that beats the Note 3 (pro) is the camera, yet the latter is more expensive the former.

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Covering old internals with new designs might not work for Infinix for long

Now to the Note 4, it has maintained the KSh 14,000 price tag, but what was sacrificed? The processor used is still unclear but some publications state that a the Mediatek 6753 is still running the show, it has been recycled from last year’s Note 3. To make matters worse, this is a chipset that was released back in 2015 yet it is currently being used all across all Infinix 2017 products, from the just released Note 4, Infinix S2 Pro, and Zero 4. It’s sad. Maybe the goal is to unify performance across the board, but, they are better chipsets out there with newer architectures that strike the right balance between performance, battery life and cost.

In conclusion, I hope Infinix gets a better way of making new iterations like other manufactures. Instead of degrading certain features, it would be best to leave them intact while only changing what is being upgraded. Covering up inferior technology with new designs and cameras might not work for them in the long-term. Tecno has figured out better upgrades, they are also utilizing newer chipsets over the aging Mediatek 6753, perhaps Infinix needs to borrow a leaf from their sister company before they are beaten at their home turf.

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