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Is the 5.8″ Galaxy S8 screen too big? Galaxy S8 Mini with 5.3″ Infinity Display coming soon

by Dennis Mathu
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Back in the days of the Galaxy S4 and the S5, Samsung used to release mini versions of their flagships; in fact, HTC and Sony did the same too. Today, only Sony has a compact series still going, however, they are yet to release one for their latest flagship.

According to new rumors, Samsung is planning to launch a Galaxy S8 Mini, it is said to have a 5.3 inch display but will fit within the dimensions of a 4.7 inch device thanks to the infinity display. It seems that having a 5.8 inch screen as the smallest option on the regular Galaxy S8 was too much to handle for some customers. Samsung seems to have taken note and we applaud the decision of launching a mini Galaxy S8.

The Achilles’ heel of many mini flagship versions is having a lower powered specifications, it seems that this will still be the case with the S8 Mini, it will be running on last year’s Snapdragon 821. In all honesty, that chipset is still very capable; we hope that utilizing it will keep the overall price down. Sony on the other hand is being rumored to launch an Xperia XZ Compact packing the full might of the latest snapdragon 835, the very same one that is ticking on the flagship Galaxy S8. It will be interesting to see  how it compares to the S8 Mini on the market.

Fortunately, the rumor goes further to suggest that the S8 Mini will keep the 4GB RAM, 32GB storage and the iris scanner intact, we hope that all other signature S8 & S8+ features will cross over too.

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