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FuelVoucher is Enabling Nigerians Buy Fuel Online

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Fuelvoucher is trying to disrupt the regular way we buy fuel in the Nigeria. The platform has created a solution that allows drivers to pay for fuel with digital vouchers, providing oversight to how drivers spend fuel cash, and taking away the need for owners to handle large amounts of cash.

According to the CEO, Chimezie Emewulu“we built FuelVoucher.com.ng to be an efficient means of purchasing fuel on the go without having to deal with cash , cards or paper vouchers.”

How it works? Users begin by signing in via the FuelVoucher website with a number and email address or downloading the mobile app from the Google play store.

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The application then gives users access to a fuel wallet that can be toped up via a debit card or bank transfer.
Whenever the need to purchase fuel arises, all a user needs to do is to input the voucher amount and indicate the beneficiary required that is, who he/she wants to purchase for.

An alpha numeric code is then be sent to the beneficiary as a text message and email which can then be taken to any fuel station registered with FuelVoucher and presented to the attendant, who confirms the code on the FuelVoucher and dispenses fuel.

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For car owners who are not able to access the internet when they need to purchase fuel, FuelVoucher has a feature – FuelDirect, which allows them to use its serviceoffline. With FuelDirect, people are able to purchase fuel at the station by inputting a four digit pin into the FuelVoucher device at the station without pre-generating a code on the site.

The pin provided is tied to customers’ fuel wallet, and whenever they need to fuel their vehicles, they simply punch in their pin, phone number and voucher amount he wants to purchase on the FuelVoucher device.

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Another interesting feature the platform provides user is the ability to view their purchase history. Every transaction that occurs via the site is recorded per time and can be retrieved whenever customers need the information.

In order words, from the system you can view the history of all fuel purchases which includes information of who, when and where voucher codes were used, as well as the amount purchased.

FuelVoucher helps corporate organisations to efficiently manage fuel purchases, as it provides provides detailed online reports for monitoring, budgeting and reconciliation. For individuals, they can send fuel vouchers as gifts to friends, loved ones, drivers without being in close proximity to them.

FuelVoucher is also in a parrtnership with Interswitch, which has further helped the expansion of its fuel voucher-redeeming channels nationwide.

Want to avoid getting stranded due to an empty fuel tank and empty wallet? You should try FuelVoucher.


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