TourArch is Helping Tourists Discover Locations Around Nigeria


For tourists planning to come to Nigeria, one challenge they face is deciding the best location where they can spend a weekend, a week or a day. With TourArch, it’s become an easier process.

Launched on the 1st of March 2017, TourArch is a platform that lists choice locations, and allows tourists find perfect tour locations around Nigeria.

According to the team, it doesn’t end at just listing these places for you to pick one. “We’ve been to these awesome places and put up descriptions based on our experience while in these locations. That way, we give you a mental picture of what it’s like there and offer you the best preparation for a trip”.

They also help to hook you up tourists with “a number of cool tour operators” who can serve as  guides around any locations of the country they’ve chosen. The platform currently lists about eight tour operators and ten tour locations.

The idea for TourArch was conceived in late 2015, in a corner of eastern Nigeria by a handful of entrepreneurs (Ezeibekwe Ogechukwu Kingsley Founder/CEO,  Afolayan Adeleke, Co-Founder/COO, Ejekam Chioma, Head of Media) who are looking to raise the profile of tourism in Nigeria.

The team is working to expand TourArch beyond the borders of West Africa, to the African continent and around the world in due time.

There doesn’t seems to be an online platform offering this service in Nigeria, and TourArch is currently enjoying the monopoly.

Despite this, the CEO recognises that it doesn’t equal zero competition. According to him, “We don’t really have direct competitors. There is no platform which currently offers the services we do.” He however sees tour operators as their indirect competitors, adding that a possible collaboration with these supposed competitors may just pave way for the platform to own the market completely.