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Apple is now selling Nokia products in its online stores. Wait what?!!

Yes, you read that title right, but it’s not the kind of products you are thinking. Now that Nokia is back to the smartphone game, the two companies are very much rivals in that aspect, so no you won’t find the Nokia 6 in the Apple store. However, Apple stocks Nokia Health products.

Nokia Health products

The iPhone maker has been selling health products from a company called Withings, but Nokia recently bought the health company and renamed it Nokia Health. Immediately after the purchase was finalized, Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement, which naturally led to the products being pulled off the shelves. Now that the law suit is settled, the two companies are back to being best buddies. Nokia Health products are back on Apple’s online shop and will be coming to physical stores soon.

You may be wondering why Apple is stocking health products in what is predominantly a mobile phone store. Apparently, the products are connected to smartphones to relay the user’s health information to dedicated app. So when you, for instance, use Nokia BPM+, the blood pressure reading will be sent to the Health Mate app on your iPhone. The same way a smartwatch works. The app also works on android too. Users can share the information with their doctor or simply use it to maintain a healthy body.

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